Non-Habit Forming

Tumblarity is a heart-shaped tablet that looks and tastes like candy. Because Tumblarity is usually prescribed in high doses, it is inherently non-habit forming.

Hi, I'm the creator of Tumblarity. I promise it'll make you feel more better. Not 'just' better.

Inactivity & Excessive Reblogging

The leading cause of low Tumblarity is inactivity and excessive reblogging. A loss of 100+ Tumblarity in a single day is a sign of Tumblaritis.

Tumblaritis Info

Tumblaritis, a severe and life-threatening disease is brought on by the compounded effects of feeling worthless to begin with, and a sudden decrease in Tumblarity.

Increase Tumblarity

Reblog Less, Post More, Buy Tumblarity. Tumblarity along with reblogging less and posting more original material will increase your chance of survival.

Side Effects

Side effects are generally mild and include enlarged pupils, cold shakes, inability to sleep for days, and a severe hormonal imbalance that's known to cause death.

Disclaimer & Credits This website is a parody and has no affiliation with Tumblr. Blank-comp courtesy of LiveSurface. Font of choice: Futura. Inspiration for this website came after I went down 500+ Tumblarity in one day for no apparent reason.